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Upcoming Events

Please join us for the Longhorn Wealth Management Group 2022 Spring Education Event:

“Fixed Income Alternatives in a Rising Rate & Inflationary Market”

We have planned a great 60-minute Zoom webinar presentation of timely and topical information for your benefit, as follows:

Welcome -
presented by John Donovan

Private Debt Solution -
presented by Craig Nelson of Blue Owl

Real Estate Investment Trust Portfolio -
presented by Steve Larson of DWS RREFF

 For your convenience, we are offering the choice of two virtual sessions - one in the early evening and one at the lunch hour. Please select your preferred session and register by clicking on one of the links below.

Virtual Evening Session: Tuesday, March 22 - 5:30 PM CST
Virtual Afternoon Session: Wednesday, March 23 - Noon CST

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing the detailed log-in information you will need in order to join the Zoom webinar meeting which you choose.

Just to be clear, you do NOT have to have a video camera on your end to participate, you just log on using your computer/tablet/cell phone. You will be able to see me and view the presentation I present on your device screen, but I will only see you if you have a video camera on your computer/tablet/cell phone and you choose to turn that feature on. Thus, there is no “required attire” and you are free to provide your own food and beverage of choice! 😉

I hope you will join us at one of these great sessions!!!

Longhorn Wealth Management Group hosts educational events periodically during the year which are available to any of our community members who wish to attend. These events typically include an overview of the investment markets, key trending financial and lifestyle topics, and the latest and greatest developments at our firm. If you are interested in attending one of our Educational Seminars, please fill out the "How Can We Help You" page of our site and we will send your own personal invitation to our next event.