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At Longhorn Wealth Management Group, we strive to orchestrate prosperity for our clients. This is true whether you desire to design a truly holistic and comprehensive wealth plan, are seeking a more targeted assessment and analysis of some very specific objectives or concerns, or only want consultative feedback or oversight of your own work in progress.  In any scenario, we are able to create a unique strategy suited just for you. So, no matter where you are in your financial journey, we endeavor to design a path to ensure your success all along the way. Please review the different Designing services we offer below.

Strategic Wealth Planning

We offer the ability to create Comprehensive Strategic Wealth Plans for our clients on a fee-only basis, which incorporates the following four planning areas:  Investments, Risk/Insurance, Retirement and Legacy/Estate (and Business Succession, if applicable).  We also offer Component Strategic Wealth Plans for those clients who have either already addressed some aspects of their planning or who simply wish to only focus on one or more of the planning areas, but not all four.  This planning process is typically renewed or updated on an as-needed basis according to our clients' wishes.  The diagram below outlines the steps in our Strategic Wealth Planning Process:

Once the Strategic Wealth Planning Process is complete, we welcome the opportunity to then help our clients research and analyze the marketplace of products and services to identify and implement solutions to satisfy the needs or opportunities which were identified in their finalized plans.  This marketplace access is accomplished either through our Tactical Advisory Services methodology or via our Hourly Consulting Fee arrangement, both of which are discussed below.  However, there is no obligation for our fee-only planning clients to enlist our Tactical Advisory Services or Hourly Consulting Fee Services once their Plan itself is delivered.  Thus, there are no strings attached to simply hiring us to design your Strategic Wealth Plan.

Tactical Advisory Services

For those of you not initially desiring to undertake a formal fee-only planning process, we offer our Tactical Advisory Services to meet your more targeted financial needs and desires. In this process, we commit to reviewing your general financial circumstances so as to fully understand your financial landscape, but we only provide in-depth analysis,  assessment and quantification of the specific areas or issues for which you engage our services and commit to utilizing our expertise in implementing your chosen solutions. Thus, once we have identified and quantified any specific areas of need or interest you have, we then explore and evaluate the "best of breed" of products and services available in the market in order to recommend and ultimately implement the most appropriate solutions to meet your uniquely assessed needs and goals.  

Speaking of implementation, we are a truly independent firm with absolutely no requirements or agreements to utilize any particular vendor's products or services to meet our clients' needs. Thus, we can access the broadest marketplace of available products and services on either a fee-based or commission-based approach, whichever our client prefers.  We believe our expertise in implementing solutions for our clients through a completely non-proprietary, open-architecture platform is one of the most valuable services we offer our clients.

While the selected areas of focused implementation are always the client's final call, as well as the timing and order thereof,  we do feel strongly that there is a Prioritization Hierarchy which everyone should follow to ensure that they are most appropriately addressing their financial needs, risks, goals and dreams.  Please see our Prioritization Hierarchy diagram below, taking note of our recommendation that everyone should seek to build a strong foundation before then moving upward in the Hierarchy as one progresses through successfully addressing each of their own financial requirements and objectives.

Consulting Services

If you do not wish to embrace the formal planning process and you also prefer to personally implement your own solutions, we do offer Consulting Fee Services to add value to your process. Our services offer the counsel of a professionally trained and experienced Certified Financial PlannerTM to help guide, analyze, or oversee any particular aspect of your financial world. We still adhere to our belief in the Prioritization Hierarchy noted above through our Consulting Fee Services, but the client is ultimately implementing solutions independently of our firm.

There is a formal contractual arrangement required for this Consulting Fee Service, and payments can be handled via check, credit card or direct debit from any banking or investment account. So, whether you have a one hour project or you wish to set up repeating monthly, quarterly or annual meetings, we will construct the Consulting Fee Services arrangement that best suits your specific desires.


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