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Educational Seminars

2021 Fall Education Event

2021 Fall Education Event

If you missed our education event in November, use the link below to view and call our office afterwards if you have any questions. Thanks for watching!

Our firm has always been grounded in the principle that the educated consumer makes the best client. This is in large part due to the fact that our Founder and President, John F. Donovan, early in his career was introduced to the opportunity to teach financial education courses at Brookhaven College in Dallas.  He quickly learned that he had both the passion and talent for communicating complex financial topics to others in a way which truly resonated with them.

As an Adjunct Faculty member from 1994-2010, John regularly taught financial and retirement planning courses through Brookhaven College’s Workforce & Continuing Education Department.  In addition, John taught such courses to employees at the corporate or regional headquarters of firms like Pizza Hut, General Dynamics and EDS.  In all, John taught thousands of students and employees over that 16 year period, and his enjoyment and passion for teaching inspired him to continue that teaching culture in his own firm, Longhorn Wealth Management Group.

So, each year we offer several 90 minute educational seminars to bring important financial and lifestyle topics to our clients, their families and their friends, as well as to guests from the community.   John Donovan is the host and primary presenter at these events, but he also brings in at least one guest speaker per event. We hope you will join us at any of our upcoming  educational seminar events. 

To find out when our next event will be taking place and the agenda topics to be covered, please check out the “Upcoming Events” section on our website.