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Frequently Asked Questions:


‚ÄčQ1:  Are you independent or do you have to recommend a certain company's products and services?

A:  We are completely independent. We are able to search and select product and service solutions from the entire open market of vendors/providers.

Q2:  Are you a commission or fee-based firm?

A:  Both!  We realize that different clients have different preferences for how they choose to engage professional wealth management products and services.  So, we offer both fee-only financial planning services and commission-and/or-fee-based product and service solution implementation services.

Q3:  Do you handle both investment and insurance issues, or just one or the other?

A:  We are a comprehensive wealth planning firm, so we address all investment and insurance issues for our clients, as well as address estate planning and tax planning concerns for our clients, although we must outsource actual legal documentation work to attorneys and actual tax return or audit work to CPAs (as we are neither).

Q4:  Do you handle homeowners and car insurance?

A:  No, we do not.  We are only Life & Health licensed (not Property & Casualty licensed), so we do handle Life Insurance, Disability Insurance and Long Term Care Insurance needs for our clients.  We refer Health Insurance needs out to specialist firms, as it is a specialty (particularly given the current status of the health insurance industry in America).

Q5:  If I want to hire you to create a financial plan for me, am I then obligated to use your firm to make investments or buy insurance after the plan is done being created?

A:  No, you have no obligation to use us for any implementation services at all after we have completed and delivered the Wealth Plan to you.  However, our experience is that most often once our client has gone through the full wealth planning process with us, they often come to the conclusion that no one else is going to understand all of the intricacies and interconnectedness of their Plan like we do, so they realize they are most comfortable actually implementing any Plan Recommendations for Action items through us. Again, though, that is not required in any way.


If you have any questions you would like to ask us, please feel free to either go to the "How Can We Help You" page of our site, email us at, or call us at 972-707-4900.