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Your retirement income management may be both the most critical and most challenging element of your entire wealth management process. We specialize in identifying and implementing the most efficient and effective means to satisfy your lifestyle income desires, both pre-and-post retirement.  Our expertise endeavors to help you comfortably manage your retirement income to satisfy the lifestyle you desire while simultaneously maximizing your legacy vision, while accounting for taxation all along the way. Thus, whether you desire to leave a legacy to family, community, UT or other deserving charitable organizations, we work to ensure your wishes are fully realized.

Retirement Income Planning & Management

Your retirement income is the ultimate determinant of both the lifestyle you will lead in retirement as well as the final legacy you will pass on. Therefore, effectively and efficiently managing your retirement income is clearly going to be a critical element of your wealth management process.  The challenge to successfully managing your retirement income is being able to identify and quantify the fixed income resources you can count on, while also most appropriately harnessing the investable assets you own to optimize the income which those assets can consistently generate for you. 

Also entering into this equation are the myriad unique issues that you may face in the pre-and-post-retirement timeframe which can serve to either enhance or limit your retirement income. The below "Retirement Income Management" diagram reflects the resources, issues and objectives which you will need to be able to understand, embrace and incorporate into your retirement income management process, and we offer the expertise to help you navigate that process successfully.

Legacy & Estate Planning

Once your retirement lifestyle is completely satisfied and your overall financial world is stable and protected, the final step in the wealth management process is to ensure your legacy desires are secured. Your legacy vision may incorporates family, community, the University of Texas or numerous other charitable causes which you are passionate about and loyal to. The "Family Legacy Hierarchy" graphic below highlights the natural evolution of your legacy concerns from yourself to your family to your community to your charitable desires.  Again, our professional belief is that everyone should start their legacy planning at the base of the Hierarchy, ask themselves the question posed, and only advance upward as they believe they have satisfied their own desire in each segment of the Hierarchy.  Each level includes several possible areas of focus or strategies of implementation which you may wish to explore in the creation of your legacy and estate plan.  

We specialize in working with you and your legal and accounting team to create, coordinate and facilitate the implementation of whatever strategies you find most desirable and appropriate in helping construct and deliver the legacy you desire. While we do not provide either legal or accounting services, we do work very closely with the attorneys and CPAs of our clients to ensure that a cohesive, intelligent and coordinated plan is both designed and implemented in order to achieve our clients' ultimate legacy vision. If our clients do not have those other professionals already in place for us to work with, we are more than happy to introduce extremely competent professionals to our clients to ensure a great team is in place to work on our clients' behalf to achieve their legacy wishes. The reality is that the creation and implementation of your legacy and estate plan make take months or even years to fully complete, but we will be there with you and your family all along the way.

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