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Our Firm

Longhorn Wealth Management Group is a privately owned wealth management firm based in Plano, TX offering comprehensive wealth management services with a focus on serving University of Texas alumni, employees, family and friends. We specialize in working with our clients in designing, developing, defending and distributing their wealth and income to achieve all of their needs, goals and dreams. We are proud of our UT heritage and we are passionate about having the opportunity to serve our fellow UT family members and friends. We look forward to visiting with you soon!

Our Founding

Our firm was founded by John F. Donovan, whose roots in the wealth management industry go back to 1991. In 2014, John created Longhorn Wealth Management Group based upon a desire to build an independent firm with no affiliation with any Broker/Dealer which manufactures products or services in order to be able to ensure his clients would receive the very best solutions available independently in the open marketplace. John intentionally chose to incorporate “Longhorn” into the branding of his firm since he, his wife and all 6 of his siblings are graduates of The University of Texas at Austin, and John’s burnt orange pride runs deep.

Our Commitment

Our firm is structured and dedicated to earning and supporting long-term client and family relationships that will embrace multiple generations, and we have committed our service levels to ensuring that this expectation is a reality for our clients. As evidenced by our Founder and President, John F. Donovan, we are proud of our UT heritage, and this is why we are also specifically committed to serving our fellow UT community members and their families and friends to the "UTmost" of our abilities.

Our Principles

Our firm exists to serve our clients, and we want to work with them in the manner they are most comfortable with and desirous of. Thus, we do not require our clients to work with us in one strict arrangement, but rather strive to be as flexible as possible to meet their needs and desires. We accomplish this by offering a variety of Wealth Management services and solutions for our clients to choose from.  

For those seeking a formal planning process, we offer our Comprehensive Strategic Wealth Planning Services on a fee-only basis. For others who do not desire such a formal planning process but simply wish to have a truly independent counseling relationship, we offer consulting services on an hourly fee basis to address any areas of financial need or objective. 

Otherwise, for clients who opt not to utilize our formal planning process but do wish to have help with not only analyzing their situation but actually implementing solutions, we offer our Tactical Advisory Services. This service offering best suits those who still want an advice and counsel driven relationship, but who are comfortable with that relationship including the implementation of their chosen solutions through us on either a fee-based or commission-based approach, whichever they desire.  The solution implementation only occurs after having completed our complimentary consultation, analysis and recommendations process.

In regards to our implementation, we are a truly independent firm with absolutely no requirements or agreements to utilize any particular vendor's products or services to meet our clients needs.  Thus, we can access the broadest marketplace of products and services on either a fee-based or commission-based approach, whichever our client prefers. Any of our service methodologies offers our clients access to our expert ability to implement solutions for them through a non-proprietary, open-architecture platform which enables us to access the most competitive investment and insurance products/services available in the markets today. 

We offer complimentary initial consultations to determine if there is a possible fit between our firm and anyone potentially interested in utilizing our services, regardless of which type of service arrangement they may be seeking.  We aspire to earn the right to develop a long term working relationship with those who enlist our services.  Our independent brokerage firm is Securities America, Inc., and our independent advisory firm is Securities America Advisors.




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